OSHER Lifelong Learning

Who We Are

Wesley Woods Senior University (WWSU) is a group of Emory University medical students interested in public health, education, and geriatrics. We are eager to learn and teach about topics in health and technology that are relevant and important to seniors.

What We Do

Lecture Series: We conduct student-run lecture series at Wesley Woods Towers and Branan Towers. Members of WWSU prepare hour-long interactive lessons on a variety of topics that are pertinent and interesting to the geriatric population. This lecture series not only provides the communities of Wesley Woods and Branan Towers with an opportunity to learn from and interact with Emory students, but also gives Emory students an opportunity to practice oral presentation skills and develop the ability to deliver medical knowledge in a concise and understandable format. Past lectures have covered nutrition, preventing falls and fractures, and new research. For more information see the links below:

Wesley Woods Series Schedule

Atlanta Housing Authority Schedule

Branan Towers Series Schedule

One on One Technology Sessions: Residents of Wesley Woods Towers and Branan Towers have the opportunity to learn internet and computer skills from an Emory medical student. The student is equipped with an iPad, but seniors may also request to use their own computer or tablet as well to learn how to better utilize their technology. Seniors can use these skills to communicate with family and friends, as well as share stories and answer questions about their own experiences with geriatric health care. Sessions are 30 minutes long and multiple sessions are possible so that seniors may further improve their skills or work on ongoing projects.

Why do we do it?

For the seniors: There may be less risk of cognitive (brain function) decline by participating in intellectual activity later in life, and NEW intellectual activities are the best way to preserve cognition. Group activities, like interactive classes for learning, help maintain emotional, social, and intellectual health in later years. In addition, learning about important health topics will help seniors to maintain their own good health.

For the students: Patient education is an important skill for every aspiring physician, no matter the specialty. Delivering a lecture or working with a senior student one-on-one provide valuable training describing medical concepts clearly and succinctly as well as assembling and delivering a structured presentation in a professional manner.