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Focused Activities

With this vision, we will:

  1. Study how to use predictive medicine to identify individuals who are at risk for nursing home placement so that targeted, meaningful intervention strategies can be developed and implemented

  2. Develop new, efficacious treatments for chronic diseases and management strategies that will allow better treatment (or enhance patient adherence to treatment) of conditions such as DM, CHF, CAD, urinary incontinence, and obesity.

  3. Focus on aspect of communities that allow for older individuals to age in their homes and communities, including the use of monitoring and assistive technologies within the home, transportation, networking, access to food, and meaningful social integration of elderly individuals into the community

  4. Develop and study strategies that support family caregivers who often sustain vulnerable elderly individuals in the home

  5. Develop formal clinical care programs through medicine, nursing, and public health within the home (home care programs) and informal programs that sustain community (faith based initiatives)

  6. Develop targeted programs in clinical settings (acute medicine, rehabilitation, and palliative medicine) that allow individuals to be directed to settings other than skilled nursing

  7. Develop in partnership with colleagues from Law, Business, and Public Health financial models that make remaining in the community as easy as being in the nursing home